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Booth Application

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Below is the information for Austin Fire Dept. requirements for tents, food and
non-food vendor guidelines required by Fire Dept.

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                                 Mobile Food Vendors Fire Dept. requirements below 

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                     Fiestas Patrias of Austin, Inc.                     

10th Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

 May 3, 2015

Booth Application for Non-corporates: deadline April 22, 2015

Please Print:                                                                                                   

Name of organization or individual:_________________________________________




Contact Person:___________________________________

Phone # _________________

Type of Booth:

(  ) Food Vendor* list type:________________________________________________


(  ) Arts & Crafts

(  ) Information for Distribution

(  ) Game/Novelty - specify _________________________________________________

Electricity Needed: Yes ______   No______


Vendor Options: Check the option that will be used

***Return Temporary Food Event Responsible Party Identification form with Fee and Application***

 1. _____1 day FOOD booth spot with APROXIMATE 9 foot front $175.00. 

                A majority of available spaces will be under 10 feet.

2. _____1 day FOOD booth spot with APPROXIMATE 20 foot front $250.00

3. _____1 day Game/Novelty booth spot with approximate 9 foot front $100.00

4._____ 1 day Arts/ Crafts, Information booth spot with APPROXIMATE 9 foot front              

 Please enclose (money order or cashier’s check). No Personal checks will be accepted.

Vendor fee is not refundable after registration. There will be no rain checks.  

Booth assignments will be available as soon as payment is made. Mail vendor fee to:

Fiestas Patrias of Austin - 1908 Holly St.-  Austin, Tx. 78702

* All food booths must comply with the City of Austin Health department temporary food guidelines. Temporary Food Permit included in booth fee.

 ***Remember to send the Health Dept. responsible party form with application and Fee.***

 Signature: ____________________________     

Date:       ______________________


 Your area must remain clean at all times

Fiestas Patrias of Austin  1908 Holly St. Austin, Tx. 78702

Questions: email


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10th Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Booth Procedures

May 3, 2015

1. Vehicles: No vehicles will be allowed onto the festival grounds after 11:00 a.m. on Sunday May 3, 2015. All vendors and volunteers will be able to park at the north parking lot across the street from Fiesta Gardens. Parking is not guaranteed. Park at you own risk. Fiestas Patrias is not liable for damage, vandalism, theft, etc... to your vehicle.

2. Those individuals arriving after 12:00 p.m. on May 3, 2015 will be subject to admission without a vendor pass. Food, and Game, vendors will be given four passes for each day of the Fiesta. Novelty and Arts/Crafts booths will receive two passes per day. You will need to turn in your list of workers/volunteers during setup and before the event to me or staff so that they can check in at main entrance and enter into the festival. To exit and return you must get stamped at the West gate exit door near the main entrance. No Exceptions. You will need to pay at the gate to re-enter the fiesta if you do not have a pass or a stamp.

3. The sale of soft drinks, bottled water and alcohol beverages is not allowed. Booths will be allowed to sell tea, lemonade, aguas frescas, and coffee.

4. In order to avoid a power overload, each booth will be limited to (2) small electrical appliances. If there is a power failure, then you may be asked to turn off the appliance. You only have one 20 amp breaker. More than 2 electrical appliances will blow the breaker. This will not be a problem if you have an alternative heating or electrical source.

 5. All booths must follow the guidelines set by the City of Austin health department for outdoor vendors. See attached. There will be an Inspector at the site to inspect your booth area for ATCHD compliance. Be prepared for inspection on Sunday May 3, 2015 by 10:00 a.m. This is the time that the inspector will usually show up to inspect your booth.

6. Keep area clean at all times.

7. No tables or chairs will be provided.  You must set-up your own booth. Food booths will need a roof and a floor for dust and debris control.

8. Fiestas Patrias is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lock up large items and take smaller items home. Security will not be available after the event.

 Remember, Fiestas Patrias is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

9. Vendors should decorate the booth as authentic as possible to compliment the theme of the festival.

10. Fire extinguisher is required for food booths.  If frying foods you will needs a Class K fire extinguisher.  All other food vendors using propane will need to have a 2a10bc fire extinguisher. All tents and tarps must be fire retardant with approved stamp from manufacturer. More info is available on the website regarding the requirements by Austin Fire Dept.

 11. Rules and procedures are subject to change.

 12. Set-up can begin on Saturday 5/3 from 8am to 8pm.

      Take-down will be available on 5/4 until 6:00 p.m.

 13. Due to the changing rules at Fiesta Gardens, vendors will be required to unload as soon as possible and move their vehicles outside of the park area as required by the Parks Department.

 14. Rules and Regulation are subject to change.

 If you have any questions, contact me by email at
 Good Luck,

 Julius Velasquez - President


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